Exclusive Star Trek XI Eric Bana Clip

Star Trek XI comes out on DVD and Blu-ray next week, and included with the movie are special features touching upon various aspects of creating Star Trek XI.

Eric Bana is seen in a short clip shown below discussing his transformation into the Romulan Nero. When first provided an image showing how Nero would look, Bana liked what he saw. “As bizarre-looking as it was,” he said, “I also found it to be quite beautiful.”

Bana’s make-up process can be seen, beginning with application of the Romulan pointed ears and ending with Nero’s unique facial tattoos.

This clip is just one of the special extras included with the DVD or Blu-ray set. There will be three different DVD releases of Star Trek XI. A single-disc set includes the movie, commentary, gag reel and “A New Vision.” The two-disc special edition DVD set includes the above, plus deleted scenes and four featurettes (To Boldly Go, Casting, Aliens, Score.) The three-disc Blu-ray set includes all of the above plus Starships, Planets, Props and Costumes, Ben Burtt and the Sounds of Star Trek, Score, Gene Roddenberry’s Vision,  and the Starfleet Vessel Simulator.

Star Trek XI will be available for purchase beginning on November 16. The trailer for the movie can be seen here.

Source: Paramount Home Entertainment

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