Star Trek: The Gag Reel

A gag reel from Star Trek XI has hit the Internet ahead of the November 17th release of the DVD and Blu-ray sets.

Laughter, bleeped expletives, dancing, drumming, and other hijinks makes the six-minute-plus gag reel seem like it finishes in only half the time.

“It’s a good thing I’m drunk,” says John Cho in one scene. In another scene where Spock is preparing to fly the Jellyfish for the first time, Kirk and Spock speak their lines with faux German accents, trying but failing to keep straight faces.

Even the kids get in on the act. “Citizen, what is your name?” asks an officer pulling over a young Jim Kirk back in Iowa. “Bryan Burk,” what’s yours?” says the young man, never cracking a smile.

Source: MovieWeb

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