Star Trek: Online Updates

Various websites are offering updates on Star Trek: Online including screenshots, videos and news.

With the closed beta of Star Trek: Online “just around the corner,” more information regarding the MMORPG is being released.


According to, Star Trek: Online will be released early in 2010. Cryptic’s Craig Zinkievich said to expect news on the closed beta shortly. “The closed beta is really just right around the corner,” said Zinkievich. “I think that there’s a press release that’s going to go out in just a couple of days.”

“Without giving you the date, which I’m not allowed to give out or else the marketing people will come and smack me in the back of the head,” added Zinkievich, “I can tell you that the game will be out the first quarter of 2010.”

Fans waiting for the game to release can have a look at the screenshots available at and

Finally, a video updating the history of Star Trek: Online, covering the time frame from Star Trek: Nemesis to 2409 is online as seen below. The video details the various conflicts into which the various races get during that time frame.

Source: Videogamervia Gamespot

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