Star Trek: Online – Ships, Screenshots, Beta Selections

Star Trek: Online has provided some updates, including the full list of ships available for the MMORPG and five new screenshots.

Federation, Klingon and several other ships are listed at Star Trek: Online with some of the ship classes including a link with further information on the ship class, such as the Klingon Raptor.

Vessels include: Light, heavy, exploration, battle and other cruisers; science, long range, deep space and research science vessels; heavy, tactical, fleet and escort vessels; Klingon ships and other ships, which include a classified ship. has five new screenshots from Star Trek: Online, including several ship shots and a Borg preparing to attack someone/something.

Finally, Tentonhammer has an interview with STO’s Craig Zinkievich, who updates fans on the approaching Beta, including how players will be selected. “We will go out to the forums and look for a certain type of player,” Zinkievich explained. “Often too, we’ll go to the demographic data collected when players apply for beta. For instance, we may be looking for people with specific hardware, or we may be looking for the type of player who plays a lot of MMOs, or someone who only plays a few. It’s not just going to the forums and looking for people that stand out. There is a whole lot of different ways that we manually select people.”


Source: Star Trek Onlinevia Massively

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