Star Trek Klingon Bonus Footage Online

Fans who watched Spike TV’s airing of the 2009 Scream Awards last night got an unexpected bonus, a short “bonus clip” from Star Trek XI showing Nero (Eric Bana) in a Klingon prison.

In the clip, Nero is threatened with the use of a Centaurian slug (in Star Trek XI, he threatens Captain Pike with one of the slugs,) but no one can keep a bad Romulan down for long.

The bonus clip isn’t the only treat for Star Trek fans. Another clip on the site features William Shatner on stage during the Scream Awards teasing J.J. Abrams about Shatner not being in Star Trek XI. Just prior to the events in the clip, Shatner had gone onstage to accept The Ultimate Scream award (“best in show”) for Star Trek XI.

Star Trek – DVD Bonus Footage

Source: Spike TV

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