Star Trek Auction Items Fetch High Prices

A few days ago, Profiles in History held its thirty-seventh auction of Hollywood memorabilia, and included in the auction were forty-odd Star Trek items.

The Star Trek items did very well, with all of the lots sold except for eight, with some of the pieces selling well above their estimated prices.

The most inexpensive lot was #601, a set of cocktail glasses, which had an estimated price before the auction of $300-$500, but went for $1,416.

The most expensive lot, #604, which featured a photographic archive of over ten thousand photographs, slides, transparencies and negatives, covering Star Trek from the original series through Star Trek: Voyager and the movies through Star Trek: Insurrection, was estimated to sell from $8,000 to $12,000, but sold for $23,600.

Other sales showed that Star Trek fans are doing well, recession or no recession. An original Tribble went for $3,540, well over its estimated value of $600-800. Gene Roddenberry‘s Macintosh 128 computer sold for $8,260, and Seven of Nine’s brown catsuit sold for $6,400.

While most items sold, a few were left at the end of the auction. A red original series dress sold for $12,980, but a blue sciences dress did not sell. Also unsold was the Borg Queen’s arm, which was expected to fetch between $6000-$8000.

The auction was held Oct 8 and 9.

Source: icollector

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