Sirtis On The Next Generation Movies And Abrams Trek

Of the four Star Trek: The Next Generation movies, Marina Sirtis liked one of them better than the rest.

“My favorite of all the movies was First Contact,” said Sirtis. “I thought it was a great script and loved being directed by Jonathan [Frakes]. The others I liked in varying degrees but it was always a joy working with my lovely cast. After the series ended I think we all looked forward to working together again.”

Although there are no more The Next Generation movie projects, Sirtis did get to work with Frakes on the commentary for the new DVD and Blu-ray release of Star Trek: Insurrection. “I had never done a commentary before and I was surprised at how much fun it was,” she said. “Jonathan and I had a hoot. We basically commented on everything including the hairstyles! I hope the fans enjoyed it as much as we did.”

Sirtis went with Frakes to the Star Trek XI premiere and had a positive opinion of the J.J. Abrams reboot. “I think J.J. and the actors did an amazing job. I went to the premiere with Jonathan and it was so exciting to feel the buzz surrounding another Star Trek movie. At times like that, one can’t help but feel proud to be involved in a franchise that has so successfully endured for over forty years.”

Source: TrekWeb

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