Shatner: Seventy-Eight Not Too Late To Explore

William Shatner, with a career spanning over fifty years, is ready to move from the conventional to the experimental when it comes to his craft.

Now the former Captain James T. Kirk can turn to ideas less traditional and have fun along the way. “As I look at what I’m doing now, that I’m sort of freed of the bonds of a weekly television show which I’d been in the last five years, I see that there’s all kinds of strange ideas for shows and things, some of which I’m selling,” said Shatner. “I’m having the best time entertaining myself and hopefully three or four other people.”

This includes his documentary Gonzo Ballet, a behind-the-scenes look at an unconventional ballet production in Milwaukee, which will have its Canadian premiere in Stratford, Ontario this week. Gonzo Ballet was spawned from his 2004 album Has Been. “It was great just making the album but hearing the audience’s reaction was stupefying,” said Shatner. “And seeing the reaction to the film, as I have on a couple of occasions, is a fun audience adventure.”

Shatner is not turning his back on conventional fare though. He expressed interest in appearing in Star Trek XII. “If they should write a decent involvement in the story to what I would do, I would certainly consider it,” he said. “I think the problem they have is getting the character I played into it, and the physical change I’ve had in forty-five years, and how do you rationalize it in the story, I don’t know.”

Source: The Canadian Press

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