Post-Trek Roddenberry Shows Coming To DVD

Two shows that Gene Roddenberry developed after Star Trek will be offered on DVD beginning next Tuesday.

After Star Trek was canceled, Roddenberry developed Genesis II and Planet Earth. 1973’s Genesis II was about a NASA scientist (Dylan Hunt, played by Alex Cord,) who wakes up in a post-apocalyptic Earth in 2133 due to a suspended animation failure. He is discovered by the “PAX” team who are some of the last remaining scientists left in the world.

CBS aired the pilot, but did not pick up the series, opting instead to try a television version of Planet of the Apes, which was canceled after only thirteen episodes.

Undeterred, Roddenberry and Warner Bros. reworked Genesis II into a new show, Planet Earth. Dylan Hunt, now played by John Saxon, became the leader of the PAX team, who did surveys in the post-apocalyptic world. In the pilot, PAX discovers a society run entirely by women.

Both Genesis II and Planet Earth are available as a set and can pre-ordered from the Warner Bros. shop now. The DVD set will be released next Tuesday.

Source: TrekMovievia Warner Bros.

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