October Star Trek Collectibles

For Star Trek fans who like to collect toys, figures and other collectibles, October will offer plenty of items from which to choose.

A Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Phaser from Diamond Select features voice and sound effects. The replica features a removable type-1 phaser.


For ship model fans, The Star Trek Wrath of Khan USS Enterprise replica will debut. Sixteen inches long, the ship features light and sound effects and has an all-new paint scheme.

Fans of The Trouble With Tribbles will want to pick up the Star Trek: Trouble With Tribbles Captain Kirk Deluxe Chair. Limited to a run of only 3,000, the electronic command chair features lights, sounds and phrases from the original series, as well as plenty of  Tribbles!

Seven of Nine fans will want the Star Trek: Voyager Seven of Nine action figure. Seven inches tall, the figure comes with a piece of the electronic Borg alcove. This figure is also available in a four-piece set, which includes a Borg drone, Borg crewman and Borg Seven of Nine.

A Star Trek yellow, or red Starfleet command uniform, based on the ones seen in Star Trek XI, includes a black Star Trek shirt underneath the Lycra gold-colored shirt. The shirt is available for $87.99.

Fans of the original series episode Arena will want to get the Star Trek original series Gorn Mask. Anyone wearing the latex mask will certainly make an impression while trick-or-treating or at the next Star Trek convention.

Another mask also debuts in October, the Balok mask, from the original series episode The Corbomite Maneuver.

Decorate your den or basement with the Star Trek Enterprise Bridge (original series) Chair Pre-pasted mural. The mural measures approximately six feet tall by ten and a half feet wide. The mural is easy to apply and easy to remove.

Finally, once the mural is up, why not get the Star Trek Classic Captain Kirk Chair Prop Replica? Available for $2,199.99, this full-sized replica of Kirk’s Enterprise chair features lights, sounds, phrases, armrest controls and more. In addition, a bonus miniature replica of the chair with Captain James T. Kirk is included.


Source: Entertainment Earth

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