Mulgrew Would Play Janeway Again

Kate Mulgrew hasn’t seen Star Trek XI yet, but if J.J. Abrams came along and offered her a part in a movie, she wouldn’t turn him down.

Mulgrew explained why she hadn’t yet seen the Star Trek reboot. “I haven’t, but not for any bad reason,” she said. “It’s a reason of comfort. I did Star Trek myself, and I want to enjoy it when I see it, I want to be comfortable when I see it, so I’m going to wait until I can see it in my living room. I understand that both of those young men [Pine and Quinto] are extraordinary. I’m sure it’s beautifully done. I just want to see it in the comfort of my home.

Would Mulgrew ever play Janeway again? “I would,” she said. “I’d love to return to Janeway! I’d love to do her in a movie, it would be great.”

If Abrams called her for a part in a Star Trek movie, Mulgrew wouldn’t hesitate. “I’d love to do it! I think he’d be wise to do it, don’t you? He should get Picard and myself in there. I think that’s a brilliant idea.”

Mulgrew also spoke of her days on Star Trek: Voyager, and had several favorite episodes. “I loved Death Wish, the discussion of suicide in the Continuum, because I thought that it was the first time that we really saw Janeway in a conundrum. And that’s the best of Star Trek, when the dilemma is philosophical. I also loved Counterpoint, where I could have a little love. I loved Endgame, where I had my hand in almost every aspect of that. I enjoyed a lot of them. A few of them left a little something to be desired, but most of them I thought were very well done.”

Her fondest memory from her Star Trek: Voyager days wasn’t a specific show or scene, however, but her friendships with her fellow actors. “…I can say that I made in Bob Picardo and Robbie McNeill and others, great friends, friends forever. Certain truths, and intimacies were shared over seven years and they were profoundly moving. So in as much as the job was everything for almost a decade of my life, these friendships allowed me to fully embrace it.”

Source: SciFi Now

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