Films An Escape For A Young Stewart

Patrick Stewart used movies to help him escape an unpleasant situation in his childhood years.

The star of Star Trek: The Next Generation grew up with an abusive father and he shared this fact with a group of students recently, explaining how movies were his refuge from problems at home. “My home life wasn’t very pleasant, and not fun, so getting out, not being at home, especially to have the opportunity to escape into a fantasy world was bliss,” said Stewart.

Come Saturday, Stewart would head for the movie theater. “I was one of the Saturday morning cinema kids,” he said. “It was always packed with yelling kids. You would watch short movies, usually westerns, and then you would watch serials with a different cliff-hanger, so there’d be a new episode every Saturday morning. I loved those serials, and Westerns.”

But sooner or later, the screen would go dark and it was time to go home again. “I hated it when the movie or the Saturday morning ended, and I had to go back to real life,” said Stewart. “So, in a sense I was being set up for being an actor, for entering this world of make-believe.”

Source: Duniyalive

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