Abrams On Leading Man Hemsworth

When Chris Hemsworth was cast in the lead role in Thor, fans reserved judgment until they saw his performance as Captain George Kirk in Star Trek XI.

J.J. Abrams spoke about his good fortune in having landed Hemsworth. “It’s very exciting,” he said. “We really lucked out. He’s so crazy handsome and he’s so strapping with the classic leading man look. I sort of wish I had dirtied him up a little bit, messed his hair up a little bit.”

“The guy’s hair up until the last moment is sort of perfect,” said Abrams. “In retrospect I look at that and am like a little smudge or a hair out of place would have been a good thing. The guy is a sweetheart and terrific actor.”

Abrams knew that Hemsworth would go places. Before he was cast as Thor, Hemsworth was wondering what was next. “[He] was in a moment where he was trying to figure out what his next thing was going to be and he stayed strong in terms of what his commitments were to various projects,” said Abrams. “I knew that he was going to be given a lot of opportunities sooner or later and I was hoping it would be off of Trek.”

Thor begins filming in January and is due out in 2011.

Source: MTV

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