Stewart: X-Men Yes, Star Trek No

Patrick Stewart‘s days as Captain Jean-Luc Picard are now behind him.

Fans at DragonCon last weekend got the word from Stewart himself that he will probably return in X-Men, but don’t expect to see Jean-Luc Picard again. Audiences “had not seen the last of Xavier,” said Stewart.

Stewart’s character Xavier has a lead role in several planned projects for X-Men; X-Men First Class and X-Men Origins: Magneto.

But Star Trek: The Next Generation fans will have to be content with Stewart’s past work as Picard, as it appears unlikely that he will don the jumpsuit again. “I feel that I have left behind a legacy as Picard,” said Stewart. “In my head and heart, I’ve moved on.”

Stewart went on to tell the crowd that a final The Next Generation film had been planned, but after the disappointing box office for Star Trek: Nemesis, the project was cancelled.

Source: Coventry Telegraph

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