Star Wars Score Edges Star Trek In Music Poll

Total Sci-Fi‘s Best Sci-Fi Movie Soundtrack Of All Time is out and a Star Trek score finished second to Star Wars.

John Williams‘ score for the original Star Wars has been named the best sci-fi movie soundtrack of all time in a new Total Sci-Fi poll.

Star Trek fans can take heart, as James Horner‘s score for Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan took second place, followed by VangelisBlade Runner.

“With his score for Star Wars, John Williams created one of the most iconic and unforgettable soundtracks of all time,” said Total Sci-Fi Editor Matt McAllister. “Most people could identify the movie from just a few bars of the main title music, and Williams’ work across all of the Star Wars movies really does create a palpable sense of intergalactic space battles and galaxy-spanning adventures. For many moviegoers, this is now the definitive sound of science fiction.”

Jerry Goldsmith‘s score from Star Trek: The Motion Picture placed fourth.

The top ten scores were:

  • Star WarsJohn Williams
  • Star Trek: The Wrath of KhanJames Horner
  • Blade Runner – Vangelis
  • Star Trek: The Motion PictureJerry Goldsmith
  • Flash Gordon – Queen
  • 2001: A Space OdysseyRichard and Johann Strauss, György Ligeti
  • The Day the Earth Stood StillBernard Herrmann
  • Close Encounters of the Third KindJohn Williams
  • Aliens – James Horner
  • Transformers the MovieVince DiCola, Stan Bush


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