Star Trek: Online Updates

The folks over at Star Trek: Online have been busy, adding a new “Ask Cryptic” and four new screenshots as well as announcing two awards for the MMORPG.

Star Trek: Online was recently nominated for two awards in the first annual PAX awards; Best in Show and Most Innovative Gameplay. Star Trek: Online walked away with both awards. “Star Trek: Online brings so many fresh ideas to the table we had to play it twice,” said ZAM. “The gameplay is exciting, strategic and promises to be the MMO that Star Trek fans have been waiting for. Cryptic Studios has given players the ability to embark on a journey across the cosmos as part of either the Federation or the Klingon Empire. Where STO really shines is in its innovative ideas; such as Episodic Content and Bridge Officer system.”

Future Star Trek: Online gamers were treated to a new “Ask Cryptic,” where the topic was “Player Progression.”  “When you think of progressing in Star Trek: Online, it’s best to picture an inverted triangle,” explained columnist Rekhan. “You begin the game with broad skills available to you, the wide part of the triangle, and as you progress in rank, the skills you select become more specialized as the triangle narrows to a point.”

At launch, five ranks will be available through which to progress: Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain and Admiral. Players who complete missions and finish episodes are awarded skill points which are used to improve the skills available to the player. Each rank has its own set number of skills.

To advance in rank, the player will need to spend a specific number of skill points in his currently available skills.

Finally, four new screenshots have been posted at MMORPG. Two are planet-based and two are in an asteroid-filled area of space.


Source: Star Trek: Onlinevia MMORPG

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