Star Trek: Online Preview And Screenshots

Fans waiting for the arrival of Star Trek: Online can enjoy a preview of the game as well as new screenshots of the MMORPG.

What Star Trek fan doesn’t want to be a Federation captain of a starship? In Star Trek: Online, one doesn’t start off as an ensign, gaining power after progressing through various levels of the game to eventually become captain, but begins the game in the captain’s chair right away.

The captain, whose ship can be in either the Federation or the Klingon Empire, comes from one of three backgrounds; either tactical, science or engineering. The captain will be in charge of a bridge crew and will be assigned officers.

No Star Trek game would be complete without combat capability and according to the preview, the combat system was not difficult to grasp. But “I came away feeling that this run-and-gun, in-your-face style of combat felt more like Starship Troopers than Star Trek,” said the reviewer. “Maybe I was looking for something completely different, but Star Trek Online‘s approach to ground combat was very similar to what you’d find in any other MMO.”

The final verdict was that Star Trek:Online“…looks very promising. The game smacks of authenticity and of a love for Star Trek‘s long television and film history. If the rest of the game can be brought up to the same level as the engaging ship-to-ship combat, then this MMO has a bright future ahead.”


Source: GameSpy

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