Star Trek: Online – 2392

Star Trek: Online has updated its history section, The Path to 2409, adding the year 2392.

In the Federation, President Nan Bacco decides not to run for Federation President, and dozen of candidates, from Jaed Maz of Trill to Federation Councilors Soron of Vulcan and Kevin Steiner of Terra Nova, are possibilities to take her place. Some of these candidates don’t make it all the way until Election Day, though, including one whose ties to the Orion Syndicate is exposed prior to the election.

After the election, the new Federation President travels to Cestus III, where talks aimed at ending the Klingon-Gorn war are in progress. Alexander Roshenko leads the Federation diplomatic team. After weeks of talks, the process collapses with the attack by a Gorn and Nausicaan fleet on the Klingon world of Olgat.

The Cardassians are encouraging their citizens to have more children with the goal of increasing population growth. Meanwhile, Gul Muldred’s mining interests on Septimus are doing well and he exports kelindide and uridium to Romulan via Ferengi brokers.

The Romulans are building a new capital city on Rator III as they try to form a new government. As usual with the Romulans, in-fighting and factionalization slow the process.

Source: Star Trek: Online

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