Star Trek Memorabilia Auction

This October, Profiles in History will hold its thirty-seventh auction of Hollywood memorabilia, which includes nearly three dozen rare and unique Star Trek pieces.

The Star Trek lots, #601-645, include pictures, uniforms, weapons and props from the original series through Star Trek: Nemesis.

Prices range from three hundred dollars for a set of six Star Trek cocktail glasses (auction #601) to twelve thousand dollars for a photographic archive of over ten thousand photographs; as well as slides, transparencies and negatives that cover Star Trek from the original series through Star Trek: Voyager, and the movies up through Star Trek: Insurrection (auction #604.)

In the uniform category, one can find: trousers worn by Captain Kirk, Romulan uniform trousers worn by Kirk in The Enterprise Incident, a blue Starfleet Sciences dress, uniform worn by Admiral Kirk in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, a third season original series red Starfleet dress, Lt. Uhura’s uniform from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Earth base uniform from The Motion Picture, leather short boots worn by Doctor McCoy, Admiral Kirk magenta shirt worn in Star Trek: The Voyage Home, Data’s red invisibility shirt from Star Trek: Insurrection, a brown catsuit worn by Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager, a Starfleet crew uniform from Star Trek: Enterprise and the white desert jumpsuit worn by T’Pol in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Klingon fans will be pleased to see: a Klingon mining rifle from Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, a Klingon translator device, a Klingon disruptor and holster from Star Trek: Enterprise and a complete Klingon costume worn by stunt double Tom Morga in Star Trek: Voyager.

Other weapons available are: a Reman rifle from Star Trek: Nemesis, a phaser from Star Trek: The Next Generation and a Xindi reptilian carbine from Star Trek: Enterprise.

There is even a Tribble from The Trouble With Tribbles, which is expected to sell for $600 to $800.

The auction will be held from October 8-9.


Source: Profiles in History

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