Quinto Robber Video Online

Hostage: A Love Story, a new Funny or Die video featuring Zachary Quinto, is now available online.

In Hostage: A Love Story, Quinto, best-known for his roles on Heroes and Star Trek XI, plays a pistol-wielding robber who takes a woman hostage when his attempt to rob a bakery is seemingly foiled.

Events take a strange turn when the robber falls in love with the woman, played by Roberta Valderrama in the short video.

Readers may remember that back in July, when the scene was being shot at the Kiss My Bundt bakery, Quinto’s “robbery” was realistic enough that a concerned citizen called the police.

The runtime for Hostage: A Love Story is 4:52. Be aware that the off-kilter video is somewhat NSFW and the f-bomb is dropped repeatedly.

Source: E! Onlinevia Funny Or Die

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