Original Series Third Season Blu-Ray Update

A bit of confusion regarding one of the bonus specials on the forthcoming original series Third Season Blu-Ray release is cleared up by Michael Okuda.

The bonus special in question was titled “Where No Fan Has Gone Before,” and speculation was that this was the original Star Trek pilot The Cage.

The title should have given the clue, as it was a play on Where No Man Has Gone Before, the name of the second Star Trek pilot episode.

“It is the original cut of Where No Man Has Gone Before, the second pilot episode,” explained Okuda. “The reassembled original cut of The Cage is also supposed to be included.”

The original cut of Where No Man Has Gone Before is supposed to be “structured differently and has some different camera angles here and there,” according to TV Shows On DVD reader Michael Rosenberg.

The Blu-ray DVD set will be released on December 15.

Source: TV Shows On DVD

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