Nimoy And Shatner At DragonCon

Fifteen hundred happy Star Trek fans enjoyed the banter between Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner in a panel discussion at DragonCon.

“Have you seen any good movies lately?” teased Nimoy, referring to Star Trek XI, in which he had a role and Shatner did not.

“You’re in the movie, I’m not,” said Shatner.

“I wasn’t referring to any particular movie,” said Nimoy.

“I heard it’s a very good thing I’m not in the movie,” said Shatner. The audience booed.

“Send that to J.J. Abrams, said Nimoy. Shatner went on to lament his absence in the film.

Shatner has yet to see Star Trek XI and didn’t even watch the movie while on the flight from L.A. to Atlanta where it was being shown. He explained to Nimoy that he had things to do on the airplane. Throughout a video posted on YouTube and posted below, Nimoy needled Shatner about not having seen the film.

Some of the discussion included topics such as George Takei, Howard Stern, Raw Nerve, Star Trek XI and the age difference between Nimoy and Shatner.

Source: Radio & TV Talkvia YouTube

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