Klingon Language Keyboard

Klingon secretaries, take a memo. A new Klingon keyboard has been developed with characters from the Klingon language on the keys.

Do you need to update your friends and enemies about the latest successful mission against the Federation or other worthy adversaries? Then the Klingon keyboard is for you!

No more tedious Klingon-to-English translation (nor do the recipients have to translate the typed English back into Klingonese once they receive the message!) The Klingon keyboard features twenty-six keys featuring characters from the plqaD or Klingon alphabet.

For those in the Empire who care (mostly surgically altered spies,) a Vulcan version of the keyboard will
be forthcoming if sales of the Klingon keyboard are good.

The Keyboard is priced at £43.99 ($71.35 USD.) What was the Klingon word for “ouch!” again?


Source: Geeks

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