Vegas Con: Three Spocks

Fans at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention last weekend saw triple when it came to a certain Vulcan.

As reported by, three different Spocks were on stage at the same time; Leonard Nimoy as the original Spock, Zachary Quinto as new Spock and a young Spock, Jacob Kogan, who portrayed Spock as a child in Star Trek XI.
Quinto spoke about the future of Spock in a Star Trek XI sequel. His Spock would not undergo Kolinahr in a future film, said Quinto, pointing out that Spock chose not to go to the Vulcan Science Academy “because they were such meanies.”

One thing Quinto enjoyed most about Star Trek XI and playing Spock was Spock’s romantic relationship with Uhura. Quinto hoped that there would be more surprises and more regarding that relationship in future Star Trek films.

Quinto made a fan’s day when he responded to the crowd’s urging after the woman became overwhelmed when attempting to ask him a question. The woman cried a bit and when she finally spoke, admitted that she had forgotten her question. The crowd chanted “Hug her!” and Quinto obliged, hopping off of the stage and giving the woman a hug, to the delight of the crowd.

Jacob Kogan, the fourteen-year-old who played Spock as a child in Star Trek XI, explained how he got the role of Spock, and how at first he didn’t understand the significance of having landed the role. He also told the crowd that he wasn’t treated differently at school after playing the role, nor did he get more attention from the girls at school, other than when he first returned from the set with shaved eyebrows, drawing curiosity from his schoolmates.

Nimoy and William Shatner appeared together, and the friendship between the two was obvious to the crowd. The pair teased and joked around with one another. After Shatner had left the stage, Nimoy took questions from the audience. At the end of his appearance, the other two Spocks joined him on stage where fans could take photos of the three Spocks together on the same stage.

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