The Best Of Star Trek – Volume Two

On November 17th, the second volume of The Best of Star Trek (original series) will be released.

Four “best of” episodes have been announced for The Best of Star Trek – Volume Two. Two of the episodes are from the first season of the original series; Where No Man Has Gone Before and Space Seed.

In Where No Man Has Gone Before, after going through an energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy, Kirk and crew have to deal with the godlike powers acquired by Kirk’s good friend Gary Mitchell and stop him from destroying them.

Space Seed tells the story of the discovery of a sleeper ship, the Botany Bay, and its crew of genetically engineered supermen, including leader Khan Noonien Singh, who once conquered a quarter of the Earth and who takes over the Enterprise.

Two episodes are from the second season of the original series; A Piece of the Action and Journey To Babel.

In A Piece of the Action, a chance book on the Chicago Mob left behind by a Federation starship a hundred years before influences the people of Sigma Iotia II who set up their own gangster society. Kirk and Spock are taken prisoner by one of the mob leaders and have escape as well as figure out how to stop the fighting amongst the various planetary factions.

In Journey To Babel, the Enterprise transports ambassadors to the Babel Conference, but problems arise when the murder of Tellarite Ambassador Gav occurs. Spock’s father Ambassador Sarek, en route to the conference, is a suspect in the murder.


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