Star Trek XI Blu-ray Gift Set

Amazon is taking pre-orders on a Star Trek XI Blu-ray gift set which includes a limited-edition replica. Fans waiting for the Blu-ray edition of J.J. AbramsStar Trek XI can look forward to a replica of the USS Enterprise in a gift set due to be released on November 17.

Although there is not much on Amazon in the way of description yet, the ship, which is cast in metal, is mounted on a “Federation logo” base. The ship comes with a certificate of authenticity.

According to the certificate of authenticity “This certifies that the 21.6 cm starship contained in this gift set is part of an exclusive limited-edition run of 5,000 screen-accurate replicas of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. This replica is cast in solid metal and is modeled directly from the digital-effects files used in the motion picture Star Trek (2009).”

The certificate is signed by Roger Guyett, Visual Effects Supervisor of Industrial Lights & Magic, and Andy Gore, President and CEO of Quantum Mechanix, Inc.


Source: Amazon

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