Star Trek Slots Adds Fourth Episode

Fans of the Star Trek adaptive gaming slot machine will be pleased to know that another episode is ready to be unlocked and explored.

As reported by WMS, The Enterprise Incident has recently been added to more than one hundred WMS Star Trek slot machines, where the episode joins Explore New Worlds, The Trouble With Tribbles and Trek Through Time.According to WMS, The Enterprise Incident is “straight from the classic episode, the crew of the USS Enterprise go toe-to-toe with the Romulans!” There are two bonuses from which to choose, either the Romulan Codex free spin bonus or the Romulan Minefield picking bonus.

Another feature is a “Win Warp.” for an extra ten credit bit, if a player spins and wins, eligible players “may be randomly awarded one of four possible Win Warp features.” These include win multipliers, multiplying wilds and more. The four Win Warps are: Mr. Spock’s Win Multiplier, Symbol Upgrade, Dilithium Crystal Superscatter and U.S.S. Enterprise Fly-By.

The Star Trek slot machine uses adaptive gaming technology, where players can earn medals and unlock new episodes, as well as having the capability to save their progress for their next casino visit, even if the visit is to a different casino in another city.

The WMS Star Trek slots game was introduced last year. More episodes will be added to the game in the future.

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