Star Trek: Online New Ship Class

A new ship class and a new screenshot are the latest updates to the Star Trek: Online MMORPG.

As reported by Star Trek: Online, a new screenshot, “A Two-pronged Attack,” features a battle against a familiar enemy, the Borg. A new alien, with pointed ears and a row of spikes on either side of his head, takes careful aim at the enemy and hits his mark.In addition to the screenshot, details have been released regarding a new ship class, the Vigilant class.

According to the Star Trek: Online site, “In the early 2390s, however, tensions with the Klingon Empire and the Romulans were on the rise and Starfleet Command looked once again for ships capable of holding their own in battle that didn’t require the commitment of crew and resources of a larger vessel. The first of the new class of ships was the Vigilant.”

The design of the Vigilant class was inspired by the Defiant class. A Vigilant class ship has limited crew space and no quarters for either families or guests, but has plenty of firepower, with fore and aft type XII phaser arrays, torpedo launchers, as well as phaser cannons.

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