Star Trek: Online – 2391

Star Trek: Online has updated their “Path to 2409” history section, adding the year 2391.

As reported by Star Trek: Online, pirate raids by Nausicaan pirates has angered the Federation Transport Union, causing problems for the Federation government when the union refuses official cargos without adequate protection.
In response, some Starfleet ships are pulled from the Klingon-Romulan border to protect shipping routes. Some Romulan colony worlds are not pleased with this, but are silenced after Romulan Admiral Taris tells them that “We are Romulan. We fight our own battles. I would rather see Romulans die with pride in their hearts and swords in their hands instead of mewing for protection like scared younglings.”

A Klingon, Federation, Gorn and Nausicaan peace conference is interrupted by the assassination attempt on a Gorn ambassador. A Klingon was found to have planted the explosive and a journal he left behind indicated that the real target may have been the Federation negotiation team.

Klingons go on the aggressive again, and advance into Gorn territory. Klingon hardliners loyal to Councilor J’mpok attack a Romulan fleet. The Klingon High Council is split between those loyal to Martok and those who wish for new leadership.

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