Star Trek DVD And Blu-ray Box Art

Box art for the forthcoming original series second season Blu-ray DVD set as well as for some of the Star Trek movies has been released.

As reported, on September 22nd, several Star Trek DVD sets and movies will be released; the movies in both the DVD and Blu-ray format and the second season of the original series in Blu-ray. The movies include all the even-numbered ones minus Star Trek: Nemesis.The art for Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan shows Kirk, Spock and Khan on the front of the package, as well as a battle scene between the USS Enterprise and the USS Reliant. The difference between the Blu-ray and the DVD art is that the Blu-ray package has a blue band at the top of the front of the package and a smaller band on the bottom.

Star Trek: The Voyage Home features Spock, Kirk and McCoy on the front of the package. Claiming to be “Of the Star Trek stories…The funniest and the most enjoyable…” the ships seen on this one are the NCC-1701A and the Klingon vessel used by Kirk et al to go back in time.

Star Trek: The Undiscovered County also features “the big three” and claims to be the “most intelligent film of the Star Trek series.”

Finally, Star Trek: First Contact features Riker, Data and Picard and the two ships are the Enterprise and a Borg cube.

To see the art, head to the article located here.

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