Shatner Cancels Rhode Island Appearance

Star Trek conventions may no longer be “beneath” William Shatner, but a canceled appearance disappoints some Rhode Island fans.

As reported by Mojo’s Blog and the Providence Journal, Shatner canceled a scheduled appearance at the last minute via a “terse email” from his “personal handler,” obligating the Rhode Island International Film Festival to refund thousands of dollars of advance ticket sales.

According to the email, Shatner’s “contractual obligations for an upcoming film project,” caused the cancellation. He had been due to appear at the film festival to introduce his film, William Shatner’s Gonze Ballet, as well as to accept the first Nathanael Greene Humanitarian Award from the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

George Marshall, founder and executive director of the film festival, explained that due to the cancellation, the festival refunded the five thousand dollars it had collected in advance ticket sales.

Shatner’s agent hadn’t know about the change, said Marshall, but was now trying to reschedule an appearance for later in the year.

“We even knew what flight he [Shatner] was going to be on,” said Marshall. “He had even asked to have chilled red wine and ice water in his hotel refrigerator. We had a reception planned at the Aurora Club.”

Star Trek fan Howard Cronson had planned on attending. “I was very excited about this,” he said. “I have been a Star Trek fan since I was an impressionable eleven-year-old, way back in 1975. The Original Series was the only Star Trek around at the time and, as far as I was concerned, Captain Kirk was The Man. He always saved the day, always got the girl and always beat up the bad guy.

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