Rachel Nichols Escapes Serious Injury

While filming G.I. Joe, Rachel Nichols (Gaila) was left with bruises and burned hair.

As reported by the Daily Star, the timing of a controlled blast on set didn’t work as planned and went off too early, injuring Nichols.
“We were doing a big fight sequence and I was doing a stunt where I had to launch myself over a console,” explained Nichols. “Some squibs (miniature explosive devices) that were supposed to go off after I passed the console went off in my face.”

Fortunately for Nichols, the scary incident left her with minor injuries. “I landed with my hair on fire and had burned-off eyebrows and eyelashes on my right side,” she said. “I was very lucky that it was all superficial. My hair grew back and I’m not blind!”

In other Nichols news, as reported by UGO, Nichols is enthusiastic to return for a future Star Trek movie. “I hope so,” she said, when asked if she would be back in the “green skin” for Star Trek XII. “I’ve been asked that a lot lately and I really hope so. But if anyone is more secretive than Stephen Sommers [G.I. Joe] with a script, it’s J.J. Abrams, hands down. Yes, I hope that fans will get on websites and ask to have me back.”

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