Orci and Kurtzman Talk Trek Sequel

Will a familiar character from two original series episodes make an appearance in Star Trek XII?

As reported by Sci Fi Wire and Comic Book Movie, the writers are being meticulous when it comes to planning for the sequel to the successful Star Trek XI. “We have to comb through everything and make sure that we leave no stone unturned because that was the approach that I think we were looking for on the first movie,” said Alex Kurtzman.
There have been meetings and discussions about the movie, but the script is not as far along as Zoe Saldana (Uhura) reported recently. “She’s so generous,” said Roberto Orci. “She thinks so much and so highly of us. We had about a fifteen, thirty-minute discussion with the whole gang and went our separate ways. We’re still in the re-reading and taking-it-all-in phase before we actually sit down and start designing it.”

“We take nothing for granted at this point,” said Kurtzman. “We’re only going to do it when it’s really right.”

It is not guaranteed that the second and third Star Trek reboot movies will be tied together either, as has been rumored. “”There’s been forty-three years of material, so that’s all that we meant by that,” said Orci. “It has to cross your mind. But we’re not leaning one way or the other yet.”

Heroes star Greg Grunberg, friend of J.J. Abrams, is keen to play Harry Mudd in a Star Trek film and has mentioned the idea to reporters. “It’s a good idea,” said Orci. Another original series character, Khan, has also been mentioned as a possibility in earlier discussions.

One thing that will probably make it into the next Star Trek movie is a famous Dr. McCoy catchphrase. “I was watching cable the other night, watching Star Trek,” said Orci. “It’s been on rotation, the original series. [McCoy] said, ‘He’s dead, Jim.’ I was like, ‘Oh, that has to go [in the script].'”

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