New Star Trek:Hidden Frontier:Odyssey Episode

Star Trek: Odyssey: The Immortal Loom, the second episode of the second season of Star Trek: Odyssey, is available for download today.

In The Immortal Loom, with T’Lorra back on duty and Vaughn still in the Brig, Maya Stadi is under pressure from seemingly everywhere. Will her training be enough to prepare her for what comes next? The Odyssey’s journey home may depend on an apparently dead planet, but what secrets have the Archein left behind?”

It’s going to be a very big episode for the Stadi character (Julia Morizawa.)” said producer Rob Caves. “Everything that has happened in Andromeda comes to a head for her in this episode. The episode guest stars Natalie Fryman in a new role for her. This time around she dons blue Archein makeup to play an Archein scientist.  This episode is also a big episode for Caecus who just became a regular on the show this season.  And of course we’ll catch up with all of the Odyssey cast including the Archein’s we’ve come to know.”

Five minutes worth of bloopers are also available for download.

Source: Hidden Frontiervia TrekWeb

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