Days Missing Comic Debuts

The first issue of Roddenberry Productions’s Days Missing will arrive in stores tomorrow.

As reported by the Fresno Bee and Digital Journal, Trevor Roth, Chief Operating Office of Roddenberry Productions and a friend of Rod Roddenberry‘s from childhood, has created the story of the Steward, who has the ability to fold time as well as being able to secretly remove critical days from history, shaping human history in the process.

Days Missing was an idea I came up with one day about a year ago,” explained Roth. “It speaks to the Roddenberry tradition of exploration into the human condition using the spectacle of time as a tool, looking back into history, peering back and looking at humanity and it’s condition.”

According to Roth, “Each issue covers one day in time. It’s a unique comic with an overall arc that is episodic.”

The first issue goes on sale tomorrow. The second issue will arrive in September and three more issues will follow it, arriving once a month.

A preview of the first issue may be seen here. To read more, head to the articles located here and here.

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