Best Of Star Trek: The Next Generation – Volume Two

On November 17th, the second volume of The Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation will be released.

Four “best of” episodes have been announced for The Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation – Volume Two. Two of the episodes are from the fifth season of The Next Generation and two episodes are from the sixth season.

The two episodes from the fifth season are The Inner Light and Cause and Effect. The two episodes from the sixth season are Relics and Tapestry.

In Relics, the Enterprise encounters the USS Jenolen which crashed seventy-five years earlier on a Dyson Sphere. A surprise awaits the Enterprise crew when they discover Captain Montgomery Scott, who has been suspended in the transporter of the Jenolen for seventy-five years.

In Cause and Effect, the Enterprise, as a result of a tachyon distortion field, meets up with the Bozeman, a ship from the past caught in a time loop for eighty-years.

In The Inner Light, a space probe knocks Picard unconscious. When he awakes, he is not a starship captain, but Kamin, married to Eline. They raise a family and grow old together, as their planet begins to die.

Tapestry is a story in which Q shows Picard that going back and changing things about his past wouldn’t have necessarily led to a happy future for the Enterprise captain.


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