An Evening With George Takei

Philadelphia-area fans were able to meet George Takei (Sulu) at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute last Thursday, where he spoke about Star Trek and gay rights.

Fans were able to get questions answered, take pictures and have autographs signed by Takei, who is known for being fan-friendly. “I love having any opportunity to meet with fans,” said Takei. “Whatever community turns out at these events, I am always touched by the outpouring of heartfelt affection and honor. I have had a long career and it is all thanks to you.”

He spoke about Star Trek, including the newest movie. “I loved it,” he said, referring to Star Trek XI. “Absolutely fantastic, imaginative, and so true to the spirit of the original.”

Part of being an actor means taking risks according to Takei. “In Hollywood, if you’re not reinventing yourself you’re going to be retired. You have to take risks and put yourself out on a limb. To quote Star Trek, ‘to boldly go where no one has gone before.’ I did [the] Howard Stern Show for that reason. My partner, Brad [Altman,] is a fan, and he encouraged me to do it, and it has been a fantastic and hilarious experience.”

Takei also spoke about his ongoing work regarding gay rights. “While Brad and my marriage stands, we are concerned about equality,” he said. “The situation now in California has created three different and unequal classes. Straight people who can marry or divorce at whim, gay people like myself who are married now and locked in, and gay people whose future marriages will not be honored. It is very unjust.”

Source: Edge

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