2010 Star Trek Novel Details

Black-and-white covers and synopses for four Star Trek novels due out next year have appeared in a new Pocket Books catalog.

The four books are: Unspoken Truth, Inception, Seven Deadly Sins and To Thine Own Self.

In Unspoken Truth, “Lieutenant Saavik, the compelling female Starfleet officer who is half-Vulcan, half-Romulan, struggles to discover where her loyalties lie.”

Inception blends “the best of both the Star Trek television show and the movie, the story of a younger less experienced Kirk and Spock-and the two great loves of their lives, Carol Marcus and Leila Kalomi.”

Seven Deadly Sins is an “edgy collection of original novellas.” The stories feature Star Trek‘s “most prominent adversaries, including the Borg (gluttony,) the Klingons (wrath,) the Romulans (pride,) the Cardassians (envy,) the Ferengi (greed,) the Pakleds (sloth,) and the Mirror Universe (lust,) and their adventures on the dark side of the Star Trek universe.”

Finally, in To Thine Own Self, “When the Orion syndicate holds the Enterprise’s doctor for ransom, Captain Pike must discover why the Orions no longer fear Starfleet in this new novel set in the classic Star Trek era.”

Source: Trekweb

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