Unstoppable? Perhaps Not

Unstoppable, the “runaway train” picture that might have featured Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, may prove not to be unstoppable after all.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, budget disagreements are causing problems that might cause Unstoppable to be put on hold indefinitely. Fox has concerns about various costs, including the cost of physical production in the action film, as well as what would have to be paid to Denzel Washington, who earns as much as twenty million dollars per film.

Studios are tightening their belts and are reluctant to pay star salaries. In addition, recent star-driven movies have not done as well at the box office as concept-driven movies have. Land of the Lost and The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 have both faltered at the box office, while movies such as Up, Star Trek XI and The Hangover have fared better.

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