Star Trek XII: Hero Won’t Refuse The Call

Fans worried that Star Trek XII might follow in the footsteps of Transformers 2, where the hero refuses the call to heroism, can rest easy according to Roberto Orci.

As reported by io9, although it’s common for a second movie to feature the hero wanting to escape from being heroic, that won’t be the case with Star Trek XII. According to Orci, he sees the Enterprise crew as being committed to both their mission and to doing good, and so the “hero no more” story won’t work for them. Star Trek is different in that you have a crew that is committed to what they are doing,” explained Orci. “So that’s going to lead you to different kinds of storytelling. These people are not reluctant heroes. They’re hoping to get out there and do what’s right.”

Orci also spoke up about recent rumors that the next two Star Trek movies might be linked; by a cliffhanger needing to be resolved, a storyline that continues from one movie to the next or something similar. “We had one meeting…that’s me, J.J. [Abrams,] Damon [Lindelof,] Bryan Burk and Alex Kurtzman. And in that one fifteen-minute meeting we were talking so generally and somehow the idea maybe came up that maybe, just for a second, we were considering, maybe thinking

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