Star Trek Merchandise at Comic-Con

As reported in a press release from CBS Consumer Products, attendees at Comic-Con will be able to see and purchase new exclusive Star Trek-related merchandise.

For Star Trek comic fans, at IDW Booth #1705, an exclusive reprint of Star Trek: Countdown #1, featuring a new cover, and a preview of Nero #1 will be available.

It is expected that IDW will announce a new Star Trek XI “writer’s cut”movie adaptation, which is expected to be a miniseries, with a price of&_#36;3.99 an issue. Eventually, the miniseries will be offered as a graphicnovel/trade paperback.

At the QMx Booth #A9, a high-end collector’s artisan USS Enterprise will be on display.

Two Star Trek bobble head dolls can be seen at Comic-Con. The SpockLight-Up Bobble head will be at the Entertainment Earth Booth #2343,and a Kirk bobble head can be seen at Funko’s Booth #4829. Both willsell for &_#36;15.00 and each is from a limited run of fifteen-hundredpieces.

Finally, head over to Genki’s Booth #3149 to experience KHAAAN! What isKHAAAN!? KHAAAN! is a cologne making its debut at Comic Con.

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