Shatner Twits Palin (Again)

After reading Sarah Palin‘s farewell speech to the beat of bongo drums on Monday night, William Shatner returned to The Tonight Show last night to take on Palin’s unique way of speaking yet again.

As reported by MTV, Palin’s Twitter site provided fodder for comedian Conan O’Brien, and he invited Shatner back for another “poetic reading” of the former Governor’s tweets. “Tourists from across America/ Here loving their 49th state/ I’m reminded on heart, one hope, one destiny/ One flag from sea to sea,” intoned Shatner solemnly, as bongo drums sounded in the background. “Awesome Alaska night/ Sensing summer already winding down/ With fireweed near full bloom/ Finally sitting down to pen/ Listening to Big and Rich.”

Shatner’s Monday night reading on The Tonight Show can be found here.

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