Saldana At Comic-Con

Star Trek XI‘s Uhura took part in a Comic-Con Panel on “female power icons in pop culture” yesterday.

As reported by The Guardian, Saldana joined Sigourney Weaver (Alien), Eliza Dushku (Buffy, Dollhouse,) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) to discuss the role of women in pop culture.
One of the topics discussed was the question of appearance. Saldana spoke of the problems that a woman faced when it came to costuming. “It’s about how long I have to stand fighting a room full of men about why I should do a fight scene in trousers, where I’m required to run across a floor and leap on to a moving elevator,” she said. “They’re confused because they’re convinced I should be just as good at doing that in a leather miniskirt and Gucci boots.”

Another problem for women is ageism. Not only are women sometimes put in inappropriate costumes, but as they get older, less movie roles are open to them. “65-year-old men want to see 25-year-old women,” explained Saldana. “And they’re the people that are cutting the checks; they’re the people that are making the decisions, and until we change that, until they allow a younger segment of the audience to have a say in those decisions, that’s going to continue to be the way.”

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