Roddenberry Letter To Be Auctioned

A letter from Gene Roddenberry to Miss Judy Thomases, written on March 9, 1973, will be auctioned off this Saturday in England.

As reported by The Examiner, the letter, in which Roddenberry answered several questions from the correspondent, spoke about the fans of Star Trek and took credit for the development of Spock as a sex symbol.
“The profile of our fans run anything but typical,” wrote Roddenberry. “They range from grammar school children to university presidents and astronauts. I think the one thing that characterizes all of them no matter whatever their age is youth. It is important to the typical Star Trek fan that there is a tomorrow.”

According to Roddenberry, the fans “share the Star Trek philosophies about life…they are interested mainly in the ideas promoted by Star Trek rather than in a usual fan thing of merely having a crush for some particular actor. Star Trek fans are generally anything but silly.”

Roddenberry spoke about what Star Trek meant. “Star Trek says that it has not all happened, it has not all been discovered, that tomorrow can be as challenging and adventurous as any time man has ever lived.”

As for the “crush for some particular actor,” Roddenberry did admit to making Spock’s looks something that would attract women. “I did purposely give him a slight look of the devil because I thought that might be particularly provocative to women,” he wrote.

Richard Davie, from International Autograph Auctions, which will be auctioning off Roddenberry’s letter, had this to say about it. “This is a very interesting letter written at a time when the show was struggling and had been taken off air.”

To read more, head to the article located here. Details on the auction can be found here.

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