Pegg Book Delayed

Fans waiting for Simon Pegg‘s autobiography will have to wait a little longer for the book.

As reported by, Out of Spaced, Pegg’s autobiography, has been pushed back to Christmas 2010 due to Pegg’s “heavy schedule of film commitments this year.”
“I am so sorry not to be publishing Out of Spaced this year,” explained Pegg. “It has just been a packed time, with the arrival of my daughter, and the writing, filming and general continual USA traveling for my latest film Paul…not least commitments to Star Trek and Tin Tin, that I have not unfortunately had the time to do full justice to the book, and I really want it to be as good it can be. I will continue to work away on it and the book will now be with you in 2010.”

Pegg is signed for a three-book deal which included the autobiography. The other two books will now come out in autumn 2011 and 2012.

“Although we’re disappointed about this delay as we were all looking forward hugely to publishing Simon this autumn, this is exactly the right thing for the book,” said Ben Dunn, Hodder Entertainment publisher. “Simon’s commitment…has taken up an enormous amount of his time. These extra months will give him the opportunity to make it a really exceptional book and us the time to plan the best possible promotion of it.”

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