Paramount Home Entertainment Comic-Con Booth

Comic-Con begins next Thursday and Paramount Home Entertainment (PHE) has plenty of activities and giveaways for attendees.

As reported in a press release from PHE, Comic-Con attendees will be taken “to the final frontier and beyond for out-of-this-world fun celebrating some of the year’s hottest films.”
At the PHE booth, Star Trek fans can be photographed at the helm of the Enterprise, fraternize with sexy galactic green girls and enter to win a limited-edition Captain’s chair. All of these activities are in aid of building anticipation for the DVD and Blu-Ray debut of Star Trek XI, expected this autumn.

Tribbles can be obtained at the PHE booth (mind the quadrotriticale!) and then fans can submit images featuring themselves with their Tribble to an exclusive Tribble Gallery on Fans not in attendance may also participate by obtaining their own Tribble from Entertainment Earth and taking the photo and uploading it to

The PHE booth will feature other giveaways such as blue foam “Vulcan salute” fingers and demos for new games including Star Trek D-A-C.

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