Nimoy To Receive Company of Angels Award

Company of Angels will bestow the Leonard Nimoy Angel Award to Leonard Nimoy and Robert Ellenstein at a Charity Awards Gala in October.

As reported by Eclipse Magazine, Company of Angels is celebrating their fiftieth anniversary as a non-profit theater and in celebration of this milestone, will honor its co-founders Nimoy and Ellenstein with The Leonard Nimoy Angel Award on October 17th. The award, named after Nimoy, is bestowed on individuals and/or organizations that have made significant contributions to theater in Los Angeles, and to Company of Angels in particular.

“I’m looking forward to celebrating Company of Angels’ Fiftieth Anniversary Award Ceremony and Gala,” said Nimoy.

The Award Gala will be produced by actress Marlene Forte (Star Trek XI: Transporter Chief,) who is the Artistic Director on the Board of Company of Angels. Company of Angels is located at the historic Alexandria Hotel in Los Angeles.

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