New Screenshots For Star Trek: Online

Three new screenshots have appeared online recently featuring scenes of battle.

As reported by Star Trek: Online, the latest screenshots show battle scenes, including battles in space as well as a fight on a planet.The first screenshot shows a vessel being attacked by three Cardassian vessels, in the vicinity of an orange planet and an asteroid field. The caption for this screenshot reads “Three on one hardly seems fair.”

Next up is a battle on a planet, where a group of Reman-looking aliens are fighting a foe, their green disruptor rifle beams knocking him off of his feet. “A long distance shot knocks an opponent into next week,” says the caption for this screenshot.

The final screenshot shows a Federation ship which has suffered battle damage, appearing to have lost part of its nacelle. The caption for this screenshot says simply “The Federation doesn’t always win.”

To see the screenshots, head to the link located here.

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