Toys, Toys, Toys!

A second wave of Star Trek XI based toys is due out this summer and includes characters and creatures from the movie.

As reported, the new toys will begin arriving in July. Figures include three sizes: with 3.75 inch, six inch, and twelve inch figures. The 3.75 inch figures (Galaxy Collection) include figures of: McCoy, Chekov, Kirk (3 different figures,) Spock, Sulu, General Ayel, Sarek, Keenser and Drakoulias.Six inch figures (Warp Collection) include: McCoy, Chekov, Kirk (2 figures,) Spock, and two monsters (Drakoulias and the red Hengrauggi.)

The twelve inch figures (Command Series) will include: Scotty, Uhura, Nero, Sulu and Pike.

Finally, a utility belt role play set will be offered in July, which will include a Starfleet phaser and communicator.

To read more and see pictures of some of the toys, head to the article located here.

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