Tahir: Being Part Of Star Trek

Unlike many of the new actors on Star Trek XI, Faran Tahir was a fan of Star Trek from childhood so being offered a role was a dream come true.

As reported by the Del Mar Times, Tahir enjoyed become part of the world that he enjoyed as a child and young adult. “I liked Star Trek a lot when I was young, and later, when I was in college, I liked Star Trek: The Next Generation,” he said. “When I was a little boy, it was more about the aliens and space and gadgets. When I was older, that’s when I started to get into the message of this modern day mythology. They were dealing with issues current to us but set in the future.” Tahir, who plays a captain in Star Trek XI, identifies most with another Star Trek captain. “I found Captain Picard to be a very interesting character,” he said. “He was someone who had the right balance between deliberation and action. He was not a trigger-happy kind of a guy. I like that in a leader. I also like to deliberate on things and find a balance, if I can.”

According to Tahir, Star Trek still has much to offer and he was happy to be involved in Star Trek XI. “It is a pop culture icon, this whole story line,” he said. “What was refreshing was that it’s been around for forty years now and there’s still stuff you can refine and find in it. To me, it was a young boy’s dream come true, to walk through this fantasy I had growing up. To be right in the midst of it was really priceless.”

Tahir met one of the original series actors while on set. “One day when I was shooting, Leonard Nimoy showed up,” he explained. “It was like Moses had walked on the set. You could feel this very palpable energy in the room, and you could hear people whispering. You get kind of star struck around someone like him because he’s been a part of our lives for so long and he’s given that character such dignity. At one point, when I was a kid, I had contemplated shaving my eyebrows half off and painting them on to look like Mr. Spock.”

Now that Star Trek XI has been released, Tahir has become acquainted with Star Trek fandom. “There have been some differences in the reaction from the fans,” he said. “Trekkies are a diehard fan base, and they seem fascinated to have a new character to get acquainted with. They really seem to have embraced Captain Robau. There are about 2,300 blogs on his character alone. I think this movie was so anticipated because there hasn’t been one in such a long time and it has rekindled the whole Star Trek thing.”

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